Past Conferences

The World Parking Symposium was founded in order to accomplish the visions and objectives, and implement the Canadian Parking Foundation mission. Addressing selected issues in urban parking, transportation and planning, this event is held every two years, alternating between North America and Europe or other worldwide locations.  Past symposiums have been held in:

  • 1996 - Banff, Alberta, Canada - WPS I
  • 1999 - Banff, Alberta - WPS II
  • 2001 - St. Andrews, Scotland - WPS III
  • 2004 - Toronto, Canada - WPS IV
  • 2005 - Stuttgart, Germany - WPS V
  • 2007 - Penn State University, U.S.A - WPS VI
  • 2009 - Breda, Netherlands - WPS VII
  • 2011 - Niagara-on-the-Lake,  Canada - WPS VIII
  • 2014 - Tel Aviv, Israel - WPS IX
  • 2016 – Vancouver, Canada – WPS X

The Symposium is an opportunity to meet, in a discussion forum, with urban transportation and parking colleagues and peers.   Delegates have attended from almost every developed country in the world. Current issues affecting parking, transportation and planning are discussed with the input of all those in attendance representing many different cities and countries. Various specific issues are highlighted with solutions that have been developed and used elsewhere.