Invitation to Submit Nominations

Criteria & Standards

The formation of the Canadian Parking Association more than 20 years ago lead to the realization that the parking industry is rich with professionals from many disciplines. Contributions to the success of the industry range from the tireless dedication of volunteers to the creation of innovative systems and technology development. Many members of the parking industry have been acknowledged by Principals of Read Jones Christoffersen through two awards: The Ted Seeberg Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Canadian Parking Industry and the Ed Keate Award for Outstanding Contribution to Advancement of Knowledge in the Parking Industry.

The Ted Seeberg Award For Outstanding Contribution To The Canadian Parking Industry


  • Service to the Canadian Parking Association or other aspects of the industry,
  • An innovation (could be an invention or a program),
  • An outstanding contribution in design, maintenance or technology,
  • Could be a lifetime achievement or a single achievement.

The Ed Keate Award For Outstanding Contribution To Advancement Of Knowledge In The Parking Industry


  • Publishing an article in The Parker
  • Training
  • Research
  • Symposium or Seminar
  • Education
  • Parking as an Academic Pursuit, e.g. lifetime


Nominations can only be submitted by members of the Canadian Parking Association (CPA). (If you are not a member, you could join on-line at the CPA, by phone: 613-727-0700 or email. Recipients need not be members of the Canadian Parking Association.

Format of Nominations

Nominations to be submitted in writing, up to one page in length, stating the following:

  • Demonstrate how the nominee has had an impact on the industry.
  • Describe why you think the nominee’s achievement is outstanding.

Submit in a sealed envelope, marked "CONFIDENTIAL" to:
The Canadian Parking Association
350-2555 St. Laurent Blvd.,
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4K3
Or email the Executive Director, CPA

Presentations of Awards

Recipients will be presented with their award at the Canadian Parking Association Annual Conference and Trade Show.

DEADLINE: Nominations are due by September 1.