CPF Awards

The Canadian Parking Foundation administers awards and scholarships to promote and recognize research and knowledge in public parking, transportation, and land use sectors, and in support of industry excellence.

Ted Seeberg Award

Ted Seeberg headed RJC’s Parking Division from 1964 until his untimely death in December of 1985. He was a charter member of the Parking Consultant’s Council and a member of both the NPA and the then IMPC (now known as IPI). Mr. Seeberg was present at the founding convention of the CPA and worked closely with founding officers to build and expand our Canadian association.

Ed Keate Award

Ed Keate was a founding member of the Canadian Parking Association. He was Manager of the Vancouver Downtown Parking Corporation but his family background in the newspaper business rubbed off on him. He was a "scribe", fascinated with the written word. He started the Parker as a means to pass on knowledge.