Conference Program



Sunday, June 24 - Hotel Bristol Berlin, Gartensaal Room

1800-1815 Welcome, Introduction – Maurice Anderson

1815-1915 Keynote Speaker – Florian Lennert

Director of Intelligent City, an applied research and innovation platform jointly established by the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (lnnoZ) in Berlin and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE Enterprise)

1915         Welcome Reception and Dinner in the hotel

Monday, June 25 - Hotel Bristol Berlin, Gartensaal Room

0830 – 0915 How can parking management help to meet the several environmental challenges Stuttgart (Germany) is faced with? - Manfred Wacker, Germany

0915 – 1000 Examining and planning for the impact of emerging trends in the parking industryChris Hylton, Canada  Click here to preview

1000 – 1015 Break

1015 – 1100 UCLA: Changing the Campus Mobility Paradigm - Renee Fortier & David Karwaski, U.S.A. Click here to preview

1100 – 1145 The threat to shopping centres from digital giantsCristina Lynn, Australia

1145 – 1300 Lunch in the hotel Restaurant Reinhard's

1300 – 1345 Urban Parking Planning with Autonomous Vehicles in MindRalph Bond, Canada

1345 – 1430 Direct navigation to the nearest available parking space. Real-time availability, operating experience and best practice knowledgeStefan Koch, Germany

1430 – 1445 Break

1445 – 1530 Bicycle Parking – Emerging Trends and Responses to the escalating increase in Bicycle Ridership in Major Urban CentersDennis Little, Canada Click here to preview

1530 – 1615 Parking – Alternatives, Incentives and IntegrationsJulie Dixon, U.S.A.

1615 – 1700 Panel: Daily discussion – Moderator: Manfred Wacker

Tuesday, June 26 - Hotel Bristol Berlin, Gartensaal Room

0830 – 0915 The parking operator as mobility manager. New interfaces, new applications, new business areas? Ilja Irmscher, Germany

0915 – 1000 Fighting Myths and Legends in ParkingSjoerd Stienstra, The Netherlands

1000 – 1015 Break

1015 – 1100 Development of Methods for Generation and Digitalization of Parking Space DataPetra Schäfer, Germany

1100 – 1145 Parking fee – additional tax or necessity?Andrzej Szarata, Poland

1145 – 1300 Lunch in hotel Restaurant Reinhard's

1300 – 1345 Quality Check of Parking Structure Layouts – an approach for a procedureAndreas Schuster, Germany

1345 – 1430 Driving a change in communicationValentina Moise, U.K.

1430 – 1445 Break

1445 – 1530 Personal Mobility, the Autonomous Car and the World of ParkingTom Buck, U.K.

1530 – 1600 Parking and Parking Management in Berlin - an overview of concepts and solutionsAngela Schiefenhövel, Germany

1600 – 1645 Daily Wrap-up – Moderator: Manfred Wacker

1645 – 1700 Closing RemarksMaurice Anderson

1815 – 2230 Gala Reception & Dinner
                   Meet in the hotel lobby for your transfer to the Classic Remise Berlin
Originally a historic tram depot constructed in 1899, the center was reopened in 2003 as a classic car center. This evening will start with a private 45 minute tour including information about the origin of the Classic Remise Berlin and the history of the streetcar depot. The tour also gives you a chance to peek inside the garages where the classic cars are being serviced and repaired.  

Wednesday, June 27

0910             Meet in the lobby of the Hotel Bristol Berlin. Due to the full agenda, the tour needs to depart on time. 

0920 - 1430   Parking Tour of Berlin with lunchHosted by GIVT mbH, Berlin
                  We have an exciting tour planned this year with visits to three very different locations. This will include lunch.  Advance sign-up is required.

  • 0930 - 1000 Underground car park Los-Angeles-Platz, CONTIPARK – guided tour
  • 1015 - 1145 Berlin Central Station – Underground car park Berlin Central Station CONTIPARKguided tour
  • 1200 - 1245 Lunch at Curry 36Berlin is known for its Currywurst & this is considered the best in the city. It's a slivered pork sausage drizzled with tomato sauce and sprinkled with curry powder. This roadside snack bar enjoys cult status and serves not only Currywurst but the full spectrum of sausages, including a Bratwurst, a Wiener and a Knacker.
  • 1300 - 1400 EUREF Campus Berlin – the city district of the future (tour with autonomous shuttle Emily / take a guided tour on electric mobility solutions, inductive charging etc.)
  • 1430           Return to the Hotel Bristol Berlin.


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