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Wayne Hussey Consulting

WPS II - Banff 1999

Panel: New Trends in Strategic Planning

Moderator:   Dennis Burns, Kimley-Horn, Phoenix, Arizona


Max Clark, Parking and Facilities Director, Capital City Development Corp, Boise, ID USA

Josh Kavanagh, Principal, Mobility Management Associates, (Formerly Director of Transportation and Parking – University of Washington)

Vanessa Solesbee, Kimley-Horn, (Former VP of Operations for the Cedar Rapids Downtown Improvement District)

Dave Bradford, Director, Parking and Transportation, Colorado State University

Management Paradigm From Parking to Integrated Access Management: The Transformation of America's Parking

L. Dennis Burns, CAPP, Vice President, Kimley Hornand Associates, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

PARKAGENT - Using Simulation for Parking Policy-Making

Nadav Levy & Itzhak Benenson, Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel Aviv University

Karel Martens, Institute for Management Research, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

WPS IX - Tel Aviv

Europe’s Parking U-Turn

Michael Kodransky, ITDP Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

WPS VIII - Niagara 2011

The High Cost of Free Parking

Donald Shoup

WPS VIII - Niagara 2011

Who Benefits from Free Parking?

Sjoerd Stienstra

WPS IV - Toronto 2004

The Future of Parking

Tony Sedgwick, Director of Research, National Car Parks Ltd, UK

WPS IV - Toronto 2004

COST 342 - Private Parking: What are the rules governing parking on private property?

Manfred Wacker, Department of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering, University of Stuttgart

WPS III - St. Andrews 2001

Kennisplatform Verdi - Listening & Understanding: Key Factors for Integrated Parking

Bram van Luipen, Knowledge platform VERDI, The Netherlands, (with thanks to Niek Bosch, Goudappel Coffeng, The Netherlands)

WPS III - St. Andrews 2001

COST 342: Parking Policy Measures and their Effects on Mobility and the Economy

Teun de Wit, CROW, the Netherlands, Chairman Management Committee of COST Action 342

WPS III - St. Andrews 2001

Presentation to Second World Parking Symposium

John Van Horn, Publisher, Parking Today

WPS II - Banff 1999