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Parking Technology

UCLA: Changing the Campus Mobility Paradigm

Renee Fortier & David Karwaski, UCLA Events & Transportation, U.S.A.

WPS XI - Berlin 2018

Personal Mobility, the Autonomous Car and the World of Parking

Tom Buck, Solution Manager for Parking and E-Mobility, Swarco, U.K.

WPS XI - Berlin 2018

TPA Goes Mobile - Designing & Launching Mobile Payments in Toronto

In March 2015, the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) introduced Green P Mobile Pay, which enables parkers to pay for parking using their mobile device. Payment by cell phone is an additional channel that provides users with considerable choice and flexibility to augment the traditional payments at on‐street parking machine locations and off‐street parking lots. Currently, the initiative is available at Green P non‐gated (pay‐and‐display) parking lots in Toronto, and the TPA, in consultation with Transportation Services, the Toronto Police Service, Parking Tag Operations ‐ Revenue Services, and Legal Services, is working to expand the program at on‐street parking locations in the City of Toronto. This presentation will detail the strategic choices made in designing the application/ program and lessons learned in the first year of implementation.

Deep Cove Parking and Access Study

Floris van Weelderen, P. Eng., PTOE, Manager, Transportation Planning, MMM Group Limited, Vancouver, British Columbia

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

Parking as High Tech Product: Practical Experiences of Automated Parking Systems

Dr. Ilja Irmscher, CEO / Managing Director, GIVT mbH, Berlin, Germany

WPS X -Vancouver 2016

Data vs. Luck - Cleverciti's Smart Parking Solution

Jan Schulte, Head of International Business Development, Cleverciti Systems GmbH, Starnberg, Germany

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

Technology Changes Society; The Effects on Parking

Sjoerd Stienstra, Stienstra Adviesbureau stedelijk verkeer BV, Heiloo, The Netherlands

WPS X -Vancouver 2016

Benefits of ITS Parking Applications: Edinburgh Case Study

Authors: Maryann Lovicsek, Associate; David Kamnitzer, Transportation Engineer; Ron Allen, Associate, IBI Group

WPS I - Banff 1997

Practical Benefits of a Hosted Parking Management Solution

Blake Laufer, VP Product Development, T2 Systems, Inc.
WPS VIII - Niagara 2011

Cities, parking and ITS: Bridging the gap between strategy and operations

Ivo Cré, Project Manager – Polis

Marco Martens, Managing Partners – Ecorys

Bram Van Luipen,  KPVV

WPS VII - Breda 2009

Parking to maximum effect: Project examples of automated garages

Wolfgang Lenke, Managing Director, Otto Wöhr, GmbH

WPS VII - Breda 2009

The Future of Wireless Parking

Bern Grush, Applied Location Corp.

WPS IV - Toronto 2005

The Role of Mobile Phones in the Parking Industry

Frank Maduri, President, Mint Inc.

WPS IV - Toronto 2005