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Parking Research

Development of Methods for Generation and Digitalization of Parking Space Data

Petra Schäfer, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

WPS XI - Berlin 2018

Personal Mobility, the Autonomous Car and the World of Parking

Tom Buck, Solution Manager for Parking and E-Mobility, Swarco, U.K.

WPS XI - Berlin 2018

Urban Parking Planning with Autonomous Vehicles in Mind

Ralph Bond, Executive Chairman, BA Consulting Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WPS XI - Berlin 2018


Wayne Hussey Consulting

WPS II - Banff 1999

Panel: New Trends in Strategic Planning

Moderator:   Dennis Burns, Kimley-Horn, Phoenix, Arizona


Max Clark, Parking and Facilities Director, Capital City Development Corp, Boise, ID USA

Josh Kavanagh, Principal, Mobility Management Associates, (Formerly Director of Transportation and Parking – University of Washington)

Vanessa Solesbee, Kimley-Horn, (Former VP of Operations for the Cedar Rapids Downtown Improvement District)

Dave Bradford, Director, Parking and Transportation, Colorado State University

City Centre Parking Demand: A Novel Forecasting Model, Its Applications and Extensions

Jacob Martin, Team Leader – Transport Planning, Cardno, West Perth, WA, Australia

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

How Urban Parking Affects Traffic Performance on Urban Networks

Jin Cao, Ph.D. student of research group Traffic Engineering (SVT), Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT), Zürich, Switzerland

WPS X - Vancouver 2016


Richard S. Beebe, Director of Parking and Transportation Planning, Consulting Engineers Group, Inc., Mt. Prospect, IL.

WPS II - Banff 1999

Privatization Models - Alternatives, Risks, and Benefits

Stephanie Farmer, Associate Professor of Sociology at Roosevelt University in Chicago

Donald Cohen, Executive Director of IN the Public Interest in Chicago

Matthew Darst,  Xerox Corporation

Sarah Blouch, President of Campus Parc, The Ohio State University

WPS IX - Tel Aviv 2014

To a better future with a motivated parking tariff - Practical applications for an economic based parking tariff

Marco Martens, ECORYS Transport and Mobility

Bram van Luipen, KpVV

WPS VII - Breda 2009

Psychological Aspects of Illegal Parking

Manfred Wacker, AOR Dipl.-Ing. , University of StuttgartDepartment of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

Alejandra Pastor , Universidad de la Sabana Colombia, Faculty of Psychology

WPS V - Stuttgart 2005

Tackling Car Park Crime

Tony Sedgwick, Director of Research, National Car Parks Ltd, UK

WPS V - Stuttgart 2005

The Lighter Side: Parking Patrons, Generations @ Work,

Chris Hylton, Principal, CG Hylton & Associates Inc.

WPS IV - Toronto 2004