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Case Studies Cities

Examination of the Use of Roadside Parking Lots in Urban Areas

S. Basbas Basbas, M. Pitsiava, Th. Andrianos

WPS VII - Breda 2009

Deep Cove Parking and Access Study

Floris van Weelderen, P. Eng., PTOE, Manager, Transportation Planning, MMM Group Limited, Vancouver, British Columbia

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

Welcome To Vancouver

Larry Beasley, Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning,, University of British Columbia

WPS X - Vancouver 2016

Benefits of ITS Parking Applications: Edinburgh Case Study

Authors: Maryann Lovicsek, Associate; David Kamnitzer, Transportation Engineer; Ron Allen, Associate, IBI Group

WPS I - Banff 1997

Integrated Parking Policy doesn’t happen overnight: Challenges for the public sector

Bram van Luipen, KpVV
Marco Martens, Ecorys AVM
WPS V - Stuttgart 2005


Sjoerd Stienstra, Stienstra Adviesbureau

WPS V - Stuttgart 2005


Ian Maher, Toronto Parking Authority

WPS V - Stuttgart 05

Parking Practice in Australia

Peter Johnstone, ARRB Transport Research

WPS V - Stuttgart 2005

30 Minutes Free Parking in Stuttgart

Manfred Wacker, University of Stuttgart
WPS IV - Toronto 2004

Fargo Downtown Trailblazing and Parking Sign Study

Richard Tebinka, P. Eng.
WPS IV - Toronto 2004

Highlights from the Seattle Parking Management Study

Mary Catherine Snyder, Dept. of Transportation, Seattle, Washington
WPS IV - Toronto 2004

Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic
WPS IV - Toronto 2004

Summary of the Beirut On-Street Parking Improvement Program

Barbara Chance, Chance Management Advisors Tammamm Nakkash, TEAM international, Beirut, Lebanon

WPS III - St Andrews 2001